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Superman: Return Of Doomsday

Rating Rating 4
Superman Return Of Doomsday

DC Comics

Model: FBA-|284421
ISBN: 1401232531
Author: Steve Lyons


Doomsday is the unstoppable force of evil that once killed the Man of Steel. He has returned to Metropolis and is targeting the other heroes and villains from the original Reign of the Supermen story but there's something different about Doomsday -- something even the Justice League of America might not be prepared for! Discover the shocking secret of his ultimate goal in attacking all these members of the Super-family.
For anybody who is interested in buying a children's book I've assembled some good information. Get a copy of Return Of Doomsday by Steve Lyons. Written by Steve Lyons and it was published by DC Comics. This super hero book became available on the 2nd of November, 2011. The paperback child's book is related to Superman and it is perceived as excellent comic books, strips, etc. The book is 144 pages long and it has lovely colored illustrations. For more information regarding this child's book, check out the add to cart button.


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