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Superman: Mon-el Vol 1 (superman New Krypton Collection)

Rating Rating 4
Superman Monel Vol 1

DC Comics

ISBN: 1401226353
Author: James Robinson

Do you want to get a new book? Get yourself a copy of Superman: Mon-el Vol 1 written by James Robinson. Written by James Robinson and it was published on the 15th of February, 2011 by DC Comics. The children's book is 224 pages long. I would like you to get the best price when buying a child's book.

Following the startling events of NEW KRYPTON, Earth finds itself without getting Superman. And the recently returned Guardian has his hands full with his new position within the Science Police. Luckily, Metropolis still has heroes like Mon-El along employing the Guardian. How can they fill Superman's boots? But after years of knowing nothing at all but the solitude of the Phantom Zone, how will Mon-El acclimate himself to society?


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