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Superman Classic: Attack Of The Toyman

Rating Rating 4
Superman Classic Attack Of The Toyman


ISBN: 0061885355
Author: John Sazaklis / John Farley


Superman tries to stop inventor and former toy maker the Toyman from using explosives attached to remote-controlled cars to blow up the companies that put his toy store out of business.
Kids love Superman Classic: Attack Of The Toyman written by John Sazaklis / John Farley. Written by John Sazaklis / John Farley and it was published sometime in 2012 by HarperFestival. The paperback book concerns Superheroes and it is thought to be awesome juvenile fiction. This is the 1st ed. of Attack Of The Toyman has 24 pages and it has colorfully illustrated artwork. Whilst reading is something of which everybody of just about any age can engage in, there are undoubtedly ways in which you could make the enjoyment much better, select the weblink below.

Toyman wants to play with Superman! Can Superman put Toyman in time-out before Metropolis's game is over? So that you can get the Man of Steel's attention, he attaches explosives to remote control vehicles and sends them across town. But instead of scorching Superman, Toyman gets Lois and Jimmy!


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