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Showcase Presents: Superman Family, Vol. 1

Rating Rating 4
Showcase Presents Superman Family

DC Comics

ISBN: 1401207871
Author: Otto Binder / Curt Swan


For reporters Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane no assignment is too perilous, no locale too remote, and no dilemma too dangerous when Superman is only an ultrasonic distress call away.
Showcase Presents Superman Family is a must own book. Written by Otto Binder / Curt Swan and it was published by DC Comics. The book went on sale in March of 2006. For anyone within the library you can very likely look it up with the classification code, PN6728.S9 S877 2006. The super hero book is 576 pages long and it includes black & white illustrations. Imagine yourself as being the key figure, asking yourself along with struggling to find the answers in the process. While you read, imagine this experience within your mind. To obtain your personal print of this child's book, visit the button on this page.


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